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Plant-Wide Research's Analytical Perspectives Report Program includes several Market Intelligence components. These are offered separately or bundled into a single reporting set of any three:  
1.   Late Breaking News (LBN) - Our most poular report, the LBN is a weekly report providing the only structured repoorting specifically in the manufacturing industry. It is consistantly delivered at the macro level. LBN is delivered by e-mail and is in your inbox every Monday mornng. It Includes product announcements, vertical market news, technology introductions, company financials, macro economic positioning, and industry trends – all with a focus on the manufacting mission critical software market.  Site/FreePreview.jpg
2.  The  Plant Wide Expert (PWE) - The only monthly report in the manufacturing sector covering market developments in four consistant areas; Compendium & Strategies, Architecture & Technology, Systems & Applications, and Education & Support. Each area includes Plant Wide's commontary and opinions. The purposse of the PWE is to provide our clients with a rolling motion picture throughout the year of key events. trends and commentary in each of the four subject areas.  Site/FreePreview.jpg
3.  The Expert Advisor (TEA) - The TEA is our second most popular monthly report. The TEA  offers a more deep and insightful set of commentary than reports focusing on one product, vendor, topic, or trend offering timely positioning and analysis. Site/FreePreview.jpg
4.  Strategic Analysis Reports (SAR) - PWR's strategic analysis reports offer our clients a detailed review of key trends, events, products or vendors. Developed several times each year (typicaly quarterly).  These are 10 to 20 page reports containing primary and secondary research with analysis covering a technology, vertical industry, market, or application. Site/FreePreview.jpg
5.  The executive Report Series (ERS) - The ERS is a series of reports focused on a vertical market (F&B, A&D, Auto, etc), delivered as a special report on a product announcement, vendor performance, market sizing, or industry event. Published monthly. What is unique about the ERS series of reports is that it is focused as an executive level advisory medium. Site/FreePreview.jpg
6.  Management Planning & Control Systems Review & Forecast Annual Report (R&F).  This 100+ page annual industry review and industry summary is one of the most important reference documents and manuals in the mission critical software market. It looks at the basic industry demographics on a year-by-year basis, Reviews over 100 vendors and mission critical software products, and positions the key vertical markets. Many sales and marketing managers keep this document handy for developing  presentations, forcasts, competitive analysis, and general reference. For more information and pricing or reservations for the next Annual Review and Forecast - call: 860-319-9972 or send the following email to info@plant-wide.com and add to the subject line "Info on the R&F                                                                                                                                                                                                    
For pricing on the LBN, PWE, TEA, Executive Series, call or send an email indicating which report you wish more information about and/or pricing.